Sunday, May 24, 2009

Alora the Explorer ☼

Hey, my name is Alora. Nickname:Alora the Explorer. I'm new at blogging and I really have no idea what to do but for this first entry, I'll just tell you about myself so you'll maybe get a better idea of what I'm talking about in the future. Well I'm pretty much your typical teen: Twilight fan (big time), lover of the color pink, Taylor Swift and Paramore fan, loves to shop, loves her BFFs, you see where I'm going? But I'm also not so typical:I may love to shop but I'm soo not a girly girl. I'm somewhere in the middle. I'm a barrel racer (it might be normal for some, but not most people), I HATE the Jonas Brothers. They are soooo stupid and they give me killer headaches with their whiny voices. (I'm sorry if your offended, but this is my blog, so therefore I rule:D) Anyway, I make pretty good grades, and I'm not ashamed. Being a nerd is cool. I came up from a really bad divorce, and I pretty much don't talk to my father because we've never really gotten along. I now live with my mom and step-dad, who is now just my dad:), and we're really happy. I have two younger siblings. Caleb, who's 11, is my brother who I'd like to strangle most of the time. He annoys me to no end. Seriously, why can't you return little brothers? They are soo weird. Anyway, my sister, Averi, is almost two and let's just say, she's a handful. Or maybe 2 handfuls. She's sweet but really spoiled and bad. Sometimes I want to strangle her too, but not as much as Caleb.

Okay off the family, let's talk friends:D I have waaaayyy too many friends to name but I love them all. My bestest friends in the whole wide world are Alyssia (Aly), Sydnie (Syd), and Emanuela (E.P.). They are the best! Alyssia is my twin:) She's my bestest bestest friend. We are like the same in every way and even our families are the same (same number of siblings, etc.) (And E.P. & Syd, if you're reading this, do not be offended. I love you too!) Anyway, July 3-8 we're supposed to go on a trip with her family up too Arkansas and it's going to be the best trip ever! (And speaking of trips, June something? me and the fam are going on a road trip to Tenn. That should be loads of fun! Yeah, we all dream. )

Umm, lets see, pets? I love animals so this is important. I have a dog, snake (yeah, it's my brother's), a cat, and a horse. Katy (the horse) is not really mine but I like only ride her and I take care of her, etc. So it's like she's mine:) Katy is my love and it doesn't matter that she's not really mine:) I'm training her for barrel racing and soon I'll be leasing her and entering rodeos:D Yay! Skipper is my jack russel terrier mix and he's my sweetheart. I love him to death. He's snoring in my bed as I type. (Not kidding) Pixie is my cat. I've had her since I was 3 so she's really old, ha. But she's a kitten at heart. Trust me, she destroys my house when she's in kitty mode. And Diesel, the snake, is a ball python. His favorite pastime is getting out of his tank. Isn't that fabulous? We just found him yesterday after his second escape in a week. My dad wants to get rid of him. I don't care as long as the stupid thing stops escaping.

Well, I think that's it so now I'm going to bed. I will try to update this thing every day so forgive me if I miss a day or something:) Well ta ta for now!


Alora the Explorer ☼